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About us

COOKING is our passion, BEAUTY is our weakness and ART is our hobby. We live for ideas, for team work, for our employees, but mostly for our customers. We are Potten & Pannen – Staněk a purely Czech company established in 1992 with a vision to introduce a culture of quality, healthy, artisan cooking to households, while using top quality kitchen equipment. Today, after 25 years of significant presence on home and foreign markets we equip professional chefs, passionate gastronomic experts, holiday gourmets and chefs beginners with tools by world famous brands and from our production. We are creators and advocates of THE ART OF LIVING THROUGH ALL SENSES.

Potten & Pannen – Staněk is a leading exclusive importer, distributor and retailer of kitchen equipment for households. We run 12 stores in both Czech Republic and Slovakia together with eshop www.popasta.cz. Choose from over 36 brands such as Zwilling, Emile Henry, KitchenAid, Mauviel, Peugeot, Rosenthal, Villeroy & Boch and many others that we brought to Czech and Slovak markets.

Products in our portfolio are market leading brands backed by years of experience and professionalism. These are values that define us and whom we work with. We also proudly cooperate with Czech leading chef Zdeněk Pohlreich. Together we launched Pohlreich Selection which brings the best of our product line from the side of a master chef.  

Inspired by our suppliers and after 25 years of close connection to our customers we introduced our own original private brand Potten & Pannen - Staněk. Join us and discover the Premium Gourmet line that brought you BIO extra virgin olive oil directly from Crete plantations and the multi use baking dish Roaster & Grill. Line Ambience will enrich your home on exclusive collection of aromatic candles crafted by french perfumers.   

Our success is defined by our proximity to our clients. For them we created a GIA Global 2017 award winning Potten & Pannen – Staněk KitchenAid Concept Store & Gourmet Academy a shopping and cooking experience concept. KitchenAid Concept Store is absolutely unique in form as coming in means exploring a fully equipped, highest quality, real-time kitchen that could be as is, placed in a home environment. It is also a home to famous Gourmet Academy a premium cooking school offering a wide variety of courses for food lovers and enthusiasts conducted by leading domestic and foreign chefs and food bloggers. We take pride in Gourmet Academy project as we believe quality healthy cooking is possible at literally any level. That is why incorporating cooking courses for the smallest ones is a must. Relationship with food is made early on and it can be a joyous journey. Program for the smallest ones named Le Petit Chef is created for excited cooks older than  6 years.

Kitchen and interior equipment we offer holds value for life and it can be an investment. Kitchen tools in our shops are often intelligent gadgets and it is our responsibility to show customers the potential of these high quality often long-life appliances and kitchen tools. Staff in our shops is trained to introduce customers with its usability during your any visit at the store or in more detail through free store workshops.  To get more information sign in for our newsletter.



1992 – Opening our first company shop in Vodičkova street, which in 2014 underwent full reconstruction designed by architect Ivana Dombková

1993 – Launching wholesales operations

1998 – Opening a shop at
Václavské náměstí licensed by Rosenthal Studio Haus, which
was in 2010 relocated to Prague’s Újezd

2001 – Opening our original concept of TWIN CAFE coffee shop in first large mall in the center of Prague – OC Smíchov. Year after we opened TWIN CAFE in OC Haná, Olomouc

2005 – Establishing a sister company in Slovakia

2007 – Opening Zwilling Concept Store in OC Palladium

2009 – Launching e-shop www.vasekuchyne.cz

2010 – Opening new office and logistic center in Čestlice and a new at this point the largest of our shops - Concept Store in Újezd
designed by architect Ivana Dombková

2011 – Opening a shop at Terminal 1 at Václav Havel’s Airport in Prague and launching a new version of our e-shop www.vasekuchyne.cz

2012 – Reconstructing and introducing a new shopping concept in OC Smíchov and opening the first shop in Slovakia

2013 – Opening a franchise shopping concept Potten & Pannen Cook Shop in Galerie Šantovka, Olomouc

2014 – Opening a franchise shopping concept Potten & Pannen Cook Shop in Galerie Vaňkovka, Brno and remaking Vodičkova street store into first European KitchenAid Concept Store  

2015 – Introducing a Pohlreich Selection Potten & Pannen – Staněk collection, opening a Kusmi Tea Paris boutique in OC Smíchov and remaking the Arcada store in Liberec in line with Potten & Pannen Cook Shop standards

2016 – Receiving the GIA Global award 2016 for THE BEST STORE IN CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE. Opening second branded boutique of the legendary Parisian brand Kusmi Tea Paris in OC Chodov

2017 - Potten & Pannen - Staněk celebrates 25th anniversary of market presence. We received GIA Global award 2017for THE BEST STORE IN THE WORLD  and launched cooperation with Czech artist Pasta Oner creating Pasta Oner Collection of uniquely designed products.

2018 - launch of our new concept www.popasta.cz and www.popasta.sk