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Global Innovation Awards: „michelin star“ of retail shops.

Since the year 2000 The International Housewares Association in Chicago awards GIA – Global Innovation Awards, the most prestigious award for retail shops. They take in consideration interier desing but also the overal innovation concept, quality of customer care, presentation of the staff, the level of product presentation and quality of marketing.

Similarly like with the michelin star guides travel repeatedly to the restaurants that they test, also GIA jury members visit retail shops so they can mark their overal quality and select the best of the best and only those can get retail „Oscar“.

The finest store in the Cental and Eastern Europe is at Vodičkova street in Prague

It is our great honour that our retail shop Potten & Pannen – Staněk KitchenAid Concept Store has been chosen to be part of this prestigious selected group and has received award of the best retail shop in the Cental and Eastern Europe. We greatly appreciate it and take it as a commitment for the future. We will continue to give the first class service in the envinronment that is inspiring and brings the best from the most premium brands of all over the world.


Come to take a look inside our finest retail shop in the Cental and Eastern Europe.

We should mention that this is not the first time that our company Potten & Pannen – Staněk has been honoured with GIA. In the year 2013 we have won thanks to new concept of retail shops that we have prepared for prestigious Shopping Centers in the Czech and Slovak republics. You can thus find us at Shopping Centers in Prague, Brno, Olomouc or Bratislava.

Now we celebrate this success after 3 years and we get to be the winner with one retail shop which is Potten & Pannen – Staněk KitchenAid Concept Store. Why this one, you may ask?

The answer is in the whole context of the concept and additional services.

Bit different retail shop

KitchenAid Concept Store is first concept store of this legendary american brand in Europe. Besides the exclusive sortiment and attractive design (the author of the interier is famous Czech architect Ivana Dombková) the shop also offers something extra. You may find there a premium cooking school Gourmet Academy.

In one complete space you may find retail space with a place where under the leadership of the best chefs of the area you may improve your gastronomic skills. All of the products that are displayed in the shop are also available for cooking, using and experimenting during the cooking classes. And that is what makes us different in comparison with other retail places. In Potten & Pannen – Staněk we not only sell products but we share passion for gastronomy with our customers.


During the cooking classes you may try the premium products on your own. We think about small chefs: part of the Le Petit Chef program we also have cooking classes for children and teenagers.

Next year full of new challenges

The victory in the best retail shop of Cental and Eastern Europe is opening a way for us to the world round of GIA where we will try to reach for award in two categories: Digital Commerce and Retail Excellence. Because next year is our jubileum – we celeberate our 25 years on the market – it would be very stylish to celebrate it with a world award. Wish us a good luck and please be welcome in our Potten & Pannen – Staněk KitchenAid Concept Store. Come to take a look either at wide range of iconic products or to enjoy a cooking class full of new tastes, aromas and family atmosphere. We trust you will be pleased with us. 

Global Innovation Awards